Story 2 – The Strange Case of Greed


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Tushar Bohra was one of the most acclaimed fashion designers in the country. Pick up any newspaper, and you will find him in Page 3 for majority of the publications. Top budget movies to top budget weddings, his designer clothing were a must for all high society folks. The prime factor that brought him fame and acclaim was his good rapport with almost all influential people. From Film actors to directors and producers, from cricketers to socialites, he knew them all. He was also known for some very bold fashion statements that brewed controversies among media and cultural gurus in the country. But still he remains one of the few designers who always seem to have fresh ideas and innovative thinking.

But a few months back, he was in news for very different reasons. He had been married to model and actress Shruti Tiwary for 2 years. Everything seemed to be fine in their relationship, and they were a happy couple, until all of a sudden, Shruti filed for a divorce. There was a mutual settlement, and the separation happened very soon. Tushar was not at all happy with the separation, and spoke volumes about how Shruti had used his fame, and ditched him for another guy, with whom she was having an affair. He mentioned in several magazines that he was disappointed, alone and terribly saddened by Shruti’s insensitive actions.

There were gossips about an affair between Shruti and Sangram, an actor, producer, descendant of the erstwhile Maharaja, and Shruti’s first co-actor, for more than a year. Within a month of Shruti getting a divorce from Tushar, she declared that she was about to tie the knot with Sangram. It was a big scoop for the press, and a heart-breaking incident for all female fans of Sangram. For the next 2 weeks, newspapers were filled with news about the wedding plans and arrangements. It was a grand wedding, held at one of Sangram’s family owned luxury farmhouses. All celebrities and well known personalities were there to attend the wedding, except Tushar. When asked, he just mentioned that he still loved Shruti and could not see her getting married to someone else. He also blamed Sangram for separating Shruti from him, and that Shruti’s infidelity had left such an impression on his heart and mind, that he might never be able to settle down with any other girl again in future.

The newly wed, after hosting and enjoying one of the biggest weddings ever in the country, planned to visit the palace owned by Sangram’s ancestors, in Rajasthan, and take blessings from the elders and relatives. It was a long drive to the palace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and their stardom. At the palace Shruti officially became Maharani Shruti and took vows to carry forward the respect, and dignity that befits a queen, such that the name of the dynasty and its legacy would always be held in high esteem. A month later, the couple set off for their honeymoon. The plan was to spend some time in Jaipur, followed by a month out of the country. It was Shruti’s wish to see Jaipur, and since her in-laws had a huge estate in that city, she decided to stay there for some time.

On the day of journey, the couple set off in a white SUV, driven by one of their drivers towards Jaipur. It was a long journey from the palace to the nearest international airport. The route was easy, but went through areas of absolute nothingness, with long stretches of road and sand dunes or forests on either sides of it. They had crossed the village of Satturganj at 2PM, and were supposed to stop next at Jaffarbad by evening and stay there for the night and then continue their onward journey the next day. But on their way, they met a tragic accident. The car skid off the road, toppled multiple times, and caught fire. All the 3 occupants of the car, died inside with no witnesses to testify exactly what had happened. The road between the 2 villages was usually empty for most of the year, and there were very few people living near the place where the accident took place.